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Brian Grellmann

My approach

I work collaboratively to help teams and stakeholders understand their users and their needs. I advocate for inclusive user-centred design processes that put real users and people with diverse access needs at the heart of every project.

Common methods

As a user experience researcher, I design studies that elicit the insight that teams need to have confidence in their decisions. I use a number of qualitative research methods including: depth interviews, usability studies, card sorting, contextual inquiry, co-design, and inspection methods to name a few.

When it comes to accessibility, I conduct manual audits, test with assistive technologies, and conduct user research with people who have different access needs. I’m interested in democratising accessibility skills so that product teams can design, build and produce with accessibility in mind. To do this, I run practical and hands-on training for various accessibility skills and concepts.

As a UX researcher and inclusive design practitioner, I involve diverse users at all stages of my work.

More about me

I started my design career as a graphic designer working on corporate communications and brand identity, before making the transition to interaction design and user experience. I have worked on projects across academia, corporate, and non-profit clients in both agency and in-house settings.

I did my undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia and my Masters in Human-Computer Interaction Design (MSc HCID) at City, University of London.

I have been in the UK for nearly a decade now. I love the outdoors and playing tennis whenever the courts are dry.